Code Enforcement

The City's Code Enforcement Office is responsible for issuing building permits for all new construction and renovations. This office also enforces the City ordinances against property maintenance, substandard housing conditions, high weeds, junk vehicles, etc. The City Health Department and Sanitation Inspector are also contacted through this office.

For your convenience, the application forms below may be downloaded and printed. Completed applications and supporting documents may be mailed or emailed. Alternately, you may deliver your documents to the Building Inspectors' Office at City Hall during open hours. Also please find a link to the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (Uniform Code).

Rental Housing Registry

The City Council adopted Ordinance Number 2016-009 which requires that owners of rental housing provide contact information for the party responsible for maintaining the property. The purpose is to work with rental property owners by having an local contact to resolve code enforcement complaints prior to violations and to notify if required by emergency personnel. View and complete the Rental Registration Form (PDF).

Fees & Permits

A guide to fees and permits for building and signage. FEE SCHEDULE

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