City Clerk

Welcome to our lovely City of Canandaigua!

The City Clerk's office is the keeper of all official City documents and records, and issues birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, vending permits, and other required licenses and permits. Some of the many types of information managed by the City Clerk's Office are the City Charter and City Municipal Code, City Council meetings minutes, resolutions, ordinances, and local laws. The Clerk's Office also handles payments and protests for parking violations.

The City Clerk serves a wide variety of purposes to residents that include:

Dog Licenses  and Renewals 

If you are a City resident and own a dog, you may purchase the license in our office. Please bring with you a current rabies certificate, and if applicable, proof the dog is spayed or neutered.  We offer the ability to apply online and to renew your license online.  Please refer to our page on Dog Licenses and Renewals for the form and further information.

Handicap Parking Permits

We issue both temporary and permanent parking permits for City residents. You must have a completed application form, available at either our office or your physician's. We will need to see the driver's license of the applicant, but the applicant does not have to personally appear. A family member, friend, aide, etc. may come to the office. There is no charge for the permit. If you need help completing this process, please just call our office at 585-337-2169.

Birth & Death Records & Marriage Licenses

As Registrar of Vital Statistics, our office is responsible for record keeping and issuing of birth and death certificates, if the birth or death took place within the City. We also issue marriage licenses by appointment only. Please refer to each individual page for further details on each subject.

Birth and death records are NOT public records, and their confidentiality is protected by New York State Public Health Law. Vital Records are not subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) and are not subject to public inspection.   Access to Vital Records

We offer the ability to apply online for Birth, Death and Marriage records, please refer to each page to process your applications.  


The City of Canandaigua has birth, death and marriage records starting from 1882. If you are doing research for genealogical information, the City's birth, death and marriage records from 1882 to 1909 are indexed and available for viewing through the Ontario County Records and Archives Center website. To view records for the City of Canandaigua click on the drop box labeled "Choose a Record Index". Next click on "Vital Town Records". Click on "Village of Canandaigua Vital Records". Please see the page for further information as well as the application. Any questions about this, please call our office.

Special Licenses & Permits

For Game of Chance licenses and other permits, please call the City Clerk's Office.

Boathouse Parking Permits

Boathouse owners will be able to pick up their seasonal parking passes in the Spring of each year, please call the City Clerk's Office if you have any questions.


Erin VanDamme  

City Clerk