Handicapped Parking Permits

The City of Canandaigua issues Handicapped Permits for Persons with Severe Disabilities to those people who live within the City of Canandaigua. A State application must be completed by both the applicant and the applicant's doctor. Permits may be issued for six months for temporary disabilities and five years for permanent disabilities. If the applicant has a driver's license, that must also be produced at the time the permit is issued.

Permits are issued by the City Clerk's Office during office hours, 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Questions may be directed by calling 585-337-2175.

For your convenience, the application form below may be downloaded and printed. (However, it is not possible to apply online. Applications and supporting documentation must be mailed or brought to the City Clerk's Office at City Hall.)

View the Handicapped Parking Permit Application (PDF).

View the Note to Customers and Medical Professionals (PDF).

View the Note for Persons with Severe Disabilities (PDF).