Mission Statement

The mission of the Canandaigua Police Department is to establish and maintain a partnership with the citizens of the community and work in unison to provide a safe environment in which the quality of life may be improved through delivery of competent, fair and impartial police services.


  • We value human life and dignity.
  • We value high integrity as the basis for community trust.
  • We value the fair and impartial enforcement of Federal, State and Local Laws and the rights of the accused.
  • We value Professional Excellence.
  • We value all members of the Canandaigua Police Department, both sworn and unsworn.

The primary goals of the Police Department include the protection of life and property, resolution of conflict, the creation and maintenance of a feeling of security in the community, reduction of opportunities for the commission of crime through crime prevention strategies, identification, apprehension, and prosecution of offenders, the recovery and return of property, and providing public service wherever possible.