Park Rules

  • No Alcoholic Beverages: No consumption or possession of any alcoholic beverages is permitted within any City park.
  • No Tobacco: All City parks are tobacco free. Smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or use any other form of tobacco in any City park is prohibited
  • No Glass Bottles: No glass beverage containers are permitted in any City park.
  • Trash Removal: With the exception of City Pier, all City parks are "Carry In, Carry Out." This means that park patrons are responsible for carrying out any trash generated by their use of the park. Any litter, trash or recyclable must be carried out of the park by the individual or group using the park facilities. Trash can are not provided.
  • Dogs: Dogs are allowed in the City's parks except Lagoon Park, provided they are leashed and not running freely. The City ordinance making dog owners responsible for cleaning up after their dogs is also in effect in all City parks. Dogs are not allowed in the bathhouse or beach area at Kershaw. Pets are prohibited in Lagoon Park.
  • Public Gatherings: Any group of 25 or more persons using park facilities must obtain a permit at least 7 days in advance.
  • No Camping or Fires: No camping is permitted in any City park, and no fires are permitted except in picnic grills or other designated areas.
  • Fish and Wildlife: Fishing is allowed from Kershaw Park, Lakefront Park, the City Pier and Lagoon Park in designated areas. It is prohibited to feed water fowl in any City Park.
  • Other Rules: Other rules are posted in each park.