Parking Restrictions

Parking on the Right-of-Way (area between the street and sidewalk) is prohibited in the City of Canandaigua. Vehicles and other heavy objects disturb the root systems of city trees.

According to the City of Canandaigua Code:

§ 517-1 Parking or placing vehicles or similar objects between curb and sidewalk prohibited.

No person shall drive, park, place or stand any vehicle, boat, trailer or similar object, or place any obstruction on that portion of any highway within the City lying between the curb or paved portion of the highway and the sidewalk adjoining said highway. In areas where there are no sidewalks adjoining the highway, there shall be no parking in the City right-of-way between the edge of the pavement or gutter and the property line of the owner. Editor's Note: Original § 4.36.020, Exclusions, which immediately followed this section, was repealed June 5, 2003 by Ord. Number 2003-007.