Crosswalk Safety Tips for Pedestrians & Drivers


  1. Do not assume the driver can or will stop. It is the responsibility of the pedestrian to ensure it's safe to proceed across the roadway. Traffic flow and/or congestion may prevent a driver from seeing you or from stopping.
  2. Watch for turning vehicles and do not step in front of moving vehicles that are too close to stop safely. Watch all lanes you must cross. Even though one vehicle has stopped, vehicles may pass in another lane or in another direction.
  3. If you cross the street at a place other than a crosswalk, the vehicle has the right-of-way. It is your responsibility to yield to the vehicle.
  4. When provided, always use the pedestrian push button to activate the flashing lights or 'Walk' signal.
  5. Do not panic when the 'Walk' symbol changes to the flashing 'Don't Walk' symbol while you are in the crosswalk. There is still time remaining to continue crossing the street.
  6. Improve your safety by wearing bright clothing for daytime. Wear reflective clothing for low-light or nighttime conditions.


  1. Do not pass a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk. A stopped car may be a clue that a pedestrian is crossing.
  2. Stop and remain stopped for pedestrians until they have cleared the lane into which you are traveling or turning. Watch for new pedestrians that may have arrived while you were waiting to proceed.
  3. If you're making a turn with a solid green light, a pedestrian crossing with the same green light has the right-of-way. Remember, a pedestrian may have started to cross while you were waiting for a gap in opposing vehicle traffic.
  4. A pedestrian passing through any intersection has the right-of-way if they have entered the roadway, even if the crosswalk is not marked by paint.